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Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map – Conquest Release 2

The Battlefield 4 CTE community map squad have fired out yet another update for the upcoming map, in this new update it contains changes such as: New improved temple, Summer Patch coherence, Better Ghost town area cover and lots more.

Welcome back to the Community Map Project! I know it took a little while to get the Summer Patch out of the way but now it looks like we can start updating the CMP map with you guys actually seeing what we are doing.

In today’s release we have a quite significant update to the Community Map and we couldn’t be more excited to start hearing your feedback!

If you have issues crashing on initial load of a map, please try and REPAIR your installation. There seems to be an old Origin bug that has shown itself again in the last weeks, and it corrupts your install!

For more information about the state of the Community Map and the feedback we are looking for, check out the current Reddit post with more information here: Open Community Map News Post

With this release we are also starting to ask some more questions through shorter votes (you better stay active so you don’t miss any!) these votes will go from what game mode to focus on next (larger) to what type or art treatment you’d like to see in an area for instance.

Since we had a little more time than expected on the first game mode focus vote, we’ve already kinda implemented a first draft of the game mode that looked like it would win Domination.

The previous vote results are here: Open vote results

These are the changes included in this release:

Community Map Updates
To numerous to detail all of them some highlights:

New improved temple (more cover and refinement)
Better Ghost town area cover after all destructibles have been destoyed
Lots of detail oriented art work to make the level feel more lush, starting from the RU spawn (and not finished yet)

Summer Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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