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Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map Blockout v2 – #48

The team over at DICE have not long released a new CTE patch, this patch/update addresses things such as: Night map updates, High Frequency server Updates, Misc Updates and of course the Community Map Project – Theme Blockout v2.

Battlefield 4 CTE Prototypes – Patch #48: Community Map Theme Blockout v2 (162173)
In today’s update we have a big update to the Community Map Project, some bug fixes to the high tickrate netcode and some night map updates!

These are the changes made on the prototypes branch in this release:

Night Map Updates
Rebaked lighting for Zavod and Railway.
Reworked and reimported minimaps with less blue.
Fixed flare bug on tall industrial lights.
Limited gameplay to CQ and TDM only.
Added state to LensFlareMesh_02 for destruction.

Community Map Project – Theme Blockout v2
Added VO Logic and Audio Layer to CMP.
Updated set dressing and added destruction to ghost town building.
Updated set dressing for temple area.
Updating Medical facility POI.
Updated the minimap.
Terrain materials now added and a shaping pass across the map – river now is wide enough for RHIB’s on the Temple side.
Vegetation adjustment.
Adjusting scattermesh (tiny random objects like stones etc) and deleting duplicated water.

High Frequency server Updates
Fixed the sudden player death bug, getting thrown into walls etc when walking up small curbs / over other objects.

For more information what these high frequency tickrates really are, see Battle(non)senses video:

Misc Updates
Suppression polish pass on the effect. Is now much less intrusive – but still very readable.

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