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Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment

We are now a part of the Battlefield 4: Community Test Environment. As i have only just joined it i have not had time to have a good look around but what i will do is give you all the info i have for now so you can understand it a little bit more and what it is for.

The Community Test Environment (CTE) will provide passionate fans the chance to evolve Battlefield 4 with DICE members/staff and become a part of the development process. We’ll be able to test new ideas and solutions to current issues before DICE roll them out to all Battlefield players.

Among the first things DICE will work on is the Netcode, which is what the player experiences with the game world including player-to-player interactions like damage registration. This involves tweaking to the tickrate servers and networking in general.


Keep tabs on the latest CTE News for instructions on how to help out in the current CTE-Initiative.

Dedicated hosting, Dedicated server hosting
To find a server to play on, open the server browser and find a server that has open slots (you might have to update your Battlelog browser plugin) – keep in mind that the number of servers are limited, and you are not guaranteed a slot at all times!

When you are done playing – don’t forget to give us feedback on the current initiative in the Forums!


Below is just a quick screenshot of Battlelog for the CTE and unlike the normal battlelog page it gives current information about patches and netcode fixes. It also looks like the stats are reset for this current client but that will make it more the fun. Check it out!


PATCH #2 INFO: NEW BUILD, RELEASE TOMORROW (It was meant to be today).

How to Access the CTE
This community program will be available on PC only. However, the goal is for our learnings to benefit all platforms when possible. To access the CTE, you will need to be a Battlefield 4 Premium member. Players will have to download a separate game client, then connect to an infrastructure and Battlelog version solely set up for testing purposes.

Visit: Community Test Environment Battlelog / Battlefield 4.

Read and accept the Terms of Service and Agreement.
Log into Origin with your existing account username and password (your account must have Premium activated in order to proceed).
Start Origin and download the new Battlefield 4 CTE game client that now should be visible.
Install the Battlelog browser plugin.

Get familiar with the guidelines by visiting the Forums on Battlelog / Battlefield 4

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