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Battlefield 4 Community Mission – Zodiac – Taurus

Fighting our way through the 12 star signs, it’s time for another thrilling Battlefield 4 Zodiac Community Mission. Taurus is up, and we’ve prepared a challenge worthy of this destructive beast.

Battlelog: Fixnow
Your mission? We want you to individually destroy 5 vehicles on any game mode or map in Battlefield 4. Do this by any means possible C4, well-placed RPG shots, other vehicles, or why not the Engineer Classes handy Repair Tool (yes, it can be used for destruction as well).

This mission is active between May 19th, 9AM PT and May 26th, 2AM PT.

Track the progress of your Battlefield 4 Community Mission. You can also see how you’re doing if you bring up Battlelog from your in-game menu just check the Missions tab (PC, PS4, and Xbox One only).

If you make enough vehicles go boom we’ll reward you with something truly awesome: the Taurus Zodiac Dog Tag. Before the mission ends on May 26th at 2AM PT, make sure to claim this on the Community Mission page or in the Battlelog menu that you can access while you’re in the game.

Good luck with the bullfight and if you haven’t heard you’ll also earn double XP between May 18th, 9AM PT and May 25th, 2AM PT. It’s a perfect time to jump into the Battlefield altogether.

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