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Battlefield 4 Aries Zodiac Community Mission

First up is the Battlefield 4 Aries Zodiac Mission. The first of 12 astrological-themed missions, this assignment challenges you to do the following: Starting today, April 28 at 9AM PT, we want you to achieve 1 Knife Kill before May 4, 2AM PT.

We’ve seen a lot of appreciation for the Battlefield 4 Community Missions, where you have been fighting together to reach a common goal. To test your skills further, we have now tweaked the Community Missions, letting you pursue a personal goal for your own Battlefield 4 soldier.

we want you to achieve 1 Knife Kill before May 4, 2AM PT. It’s simple yet gratifying, as we are just introducing this new type of Community Mission. Believe us, they will get harder.

Succeed, and you will be awarded with the mighty Aries Dog Tag above*. Just look at him. Those horns would be great in a melee situation.
How to claim your dog tag

So get out there and net a knife kill or more. You can track the progress of your Community Mission here on Battlelog at Multiplayer/Community Missions or via the in-game Missions tab (note that the latter is not possible on PS3/X360).

Simply claim your Dog Tag by clicking “Claim Reward” after mission success – you’ll need to claim the Dog Tag before the end of the Community Mission on May 4, 2015 at 2AM PT. Good luck!

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