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Battlefield 4 Community Mission – Support Class Week

In a new Battlefield 4 Community Mission designed for the Support class and DICE want you to collectively do 50 million Resupplies. So jump into a game, equip those Ammo Boxes, and ensure that your team never will run out of lead.

This Battlefield 4 Community Mission is active between October 14, 9AM PDT and October 21, 2AM PDT. Succeed, and DICE will award you with a slick new designed wallpaper artwork featuring the Support class*. The wallpaper will be posted on the Battlefield blog for download after the mission is completed.

Support Shortcut Kit Sale
For those who are new to the Battlefield, or perhaps have been away from it for a while, the Shortcut Kits are a handy way of catching up by unlocking all guns and gadgets. In honor of the Support Week, you can get a 30% discount on the Support Shortcut Kit** between October 15 and October 20. Head to the Battlelog store to check it out.

BF4 Class Week: The Support
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