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Battlefield 4 Community Map BETA – Staging

The news has been quite repetitive lately so we have been a bit quite… But now we have some update Battlefield 4 Community Map news for you, this update brings: Community Map Updates, Gameplay Updates, High tickrate/Netcode Updates, Summer Patch coherence and the map is now in beta stage.

Today we are are officially in BETA! This means we are going to the staging branch which also means all the changes you see from now on are the changes we will ship in the Fall patch!

For more information about the state of the Community Map and the feedback we are looking for.

Open Community Map News Post

These are the changes included in this release:

Community Map Updates
Optimizations and bug fixes
Update to temple foundation
Tweaking scattermeshes (grass etc)
Adding temporary minimaps to game mode specific minimaps.
Adding trees to temple for design sightblocking
Fixed missing details on van
There is a city reflection on the vans at point A
Removing Duplicate textures for performance
Replacing rock with updated version with improved raycast
Updates to Rush and bug fixes.
Adding trees to temple for design sightblocking
Optimizations for textures and temple area
Removing Duplicate textures for performance.
Replacing rock with updated version with improved raycast collision.
Updates to Rush and bug fixes.
Reintroducing Venom_CMP to CQL with appropriate customization (surf!).
Added Sound Areas for Docks and Under Docks.
Added SPCs and Wave Assets for Dock Area sounds.
Built in fixes for having too many sound areas active at once.
Adjusted other sound area shapes.
Different material needed on concrete.
Added dirt texture on the surface of asset, added footsteps in the map.
High quality bake after adding proper layers and the hospital fix.
Moved light in hospital a bit to make more sense.
Baked and from both Gens.

Gameplay Updates
Fix for attack helicopter LGMs: autoreplenish back to 15, magazine count back to 2
Dumbfire rockets can be used in vehicles again (smaw, rpg, at4)
Active radar tweaks: reduced timetoactivateguidingsystem from 1 to 0.5. Reduced acceptanceangle from 2 to 1.8, making it harder to lock onto targets
Reverted speed inheritance changes.
Reduced damage of STAFF vs aircraft
Increased damage of tank HE shell from 180 to 200
Reverted outside of vehicle repair speed for aircraft to bf4 release values
Reduced inside vehicle repair rate for scout and transport helicopters
Reduced damage of MAA against jets, jets against MAA, ifv shells vs tanks
Scout 25 mm can now destroy environment properly
Below radar: locking indicator no longer disappears when target goes below radar
Thermal camo: fixes to issues called out by CTE (distance fading fixed)
Changed the physics material of ammo and med crates to a pass through material, grenades now properly pass through (won’t explode in your face but look like you threw it further on the client)
Paracel Storm: Fix to make flag-spawning little bird function in surrounding combat area.
High tickrate/Netcode Updates
Changed the default FrameHistoryTimeSoldiers to 0.125 from 0.3 (1.0 default for vehicles and infantry missiles like RPGs still)

Summer Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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