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Battlefield 4 Commentary Naval Warfare And Dinosaur DLC

Check out this latest video! Our Video Editor takes you through the latest rumors for the upcoming shooter title Battlefield 4. He talks about Naval Warfare, map remakes, gun classes and the long time wanted Dinosaur mode and more.

If you did not already know the latest rumor for Battlefield 4 is this so called “Survey” that everyone is talking about which might i add, only one person in the world has received one?

Below are the listed DLC descriptions
Remakes of Operation Metro and Caspian Border, with new weapons and classes. Possible names for the DLC include Battlefield 4 Recommissioned, Battlefield 4 Reenlisted, Battlefield 4 War Torn and Battlefield 4 Reconstructed.

Naval combat DLC, focusing on naval vehicles and coastal batteries.

Dinosaur DLC. This has been something fans have been asking for since the Thunder Run trailer for Battlefield 3 back in 2011, which opened with a toy dinosaur. Supposedly a co-op mode against dinosaurs using primitive weapons, such as a bow and arrow.

The survey mentioned in the following video is not 100% proof of what we will be seeing in Battlefield 4 and with so much garbage news floating around the community i would take this with a pinch of salt! Dino mode IMO is never going to happen and i really hope it never does it would be the wrong path to go down, but saying that i know a lot of the community out there who do want it.

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