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Battlefield 4 Commander App Tweaks

Since its release three months ago, DICE have listened to your feedback for the Battlefield 4 Commander App on various forums. DICE are very thankful for all your comments and ideas, and many of them have been worked into the latest version of the Commander App.

The possibility to experience Battlefield 4′s Commander Mode on tablets has been appreciated by many of you, and we have received some really valuable feedback for the Commander App since it launched. Now, you can enjoy an updated version of the Commander App for Android and iOS, with many tweaks based on your feedback.

Haven’t downloaded the Commander App yet? Hit the links below!

Commander App for Android

Commander App for iOS

So without further ado, here are the major updates that we’ve brought to the new version of the Commander App, all designed to help you become the greatest Commander you can be:

• Squad Member Visibility: You will now be able to see the player names and kits of players in a squad when it is selected
• VOIP visibility: You will now be able to tell which player in a squad is talking to you through VOIP
• Issuing orders to a squad now shows the position of all squad members while you are dragging out the order
• You can now drop squad assets (such as promotions) directly on the squad list
• If you have an XP boost active, the scoring for this will now be more visible in the UI
• Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements

If you want to dig down even deeper in the changes, head to the Battlelog Forum for an in-depth change log.

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