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Battlefield 4 Commander App and Missions

DICE Battlelog Assistant Producer Jesper Nielsen gives Matt Cuttle insights into the new-look Battlelog for BF4. The Battlelog emblem editor makes a return from BF3, though player creations will now feature more in game.

Emblems will appear on the sides of vehicles and weapons to give that unique appearance to a squad’s ordnance.

Also newly available are missions; additional objectives that need to be completed on certain maps. Players can compete against friends or others online to reach an objective first or to complete more missions overall. Requirements for each mission will be outlined in Battlelog alongside all the stats and statistics.

The Xbox One and PS4 consoles provide even more access to Battlelog features. Players can now see the upcoming game mode and map on each server, the details of squad members and even suggested unlocks that can be obtained. There is access to local and global leader boards, a division ranking system and even the ability to change loadouts when away from the game.

In addition to the Commander app, players can download a Battlelog app and link the two together. Players can access the Battlelog app and switch between servers, when they have chosen they will then be directed to the Commander app to play via their chosen device.

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