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Battlefield 4 Classic Mode Explained

Battlefield 4 Classic Mode Explained – Introduced by popular demand through the BF4 Fall Update, the Classic Mode rule preset gives players even more choice in how to enjoy BF4 multiplayer.

Since some of you may not know everything about what the Battlefield 4 Classic Mode entails we wanted to provide you with a little more detail. Unlike Hardcore mode, all HUD elements, including health and ammo, are visible in Classic Mode.

Increasing the Challenge
Classic Mode is influenced by the play style of Battlefield 2 and is designed for players seeking stronger team play and tougher challenges in their multiplayer experience. Difficulty-wise, Classic Mode can be placed somewhere between Normal and Hardcore mode in Battlefield 4, with some of the assisting features removed or altered, and a heavy emphasis on working together as a team.

The shape of Classic Mode comes from your feedback, and we at DICE have truly enjoyed trying out this preset together with the community. Let’s look at the major rule changes in Classic Mode:

No 3D spotting: Spotting an enemy will not make a triangle-shaped icon appear above the enemy’s head in Classic Mode. Spotted enemies will however be visible on the mini-map as usual.

Health and no regeneration: In Classic Mode, the health level is the same as in the Normal preset. However, the health of a soldier or a vehicle will not regenerate automatically, making Medpacks and Repair Tools even more crucial. Make sure to have the Engineer and Assault players nearby!

Squad leader spawn: Your squad leader is now your lifeline to jumping into the heat of battle as you can’t spawn on your other squad members. Move as a squad and protect your squad leader in order to maintain the upper hand!

Reloading: As every good Battlefield player knows: every bullet counts. In Classic Mode this is truer than ever, since a reload results in the loss of any remaining bullets in your mag. Grab a Support player with an Ammo box and hang tight to him if you want to keep pumping out bullets!

No third-person vehicle cam: Jumping into a thrilling Classic Mode dogfight or tank battle? Then prepare to rely on your skills piloting vehicles in first person – and first person only.

Battlefield 4 Classic Mode

When you’re deploying in Classic Mode you can only spawn on your squad leader.
Other Features of Classic Mode

Other Classic Mode rules worth mentioning is that Friendly Fire is turned off by default, and the Killcam is disabled. You’ll still see who killed you and with what weapon, but the orange silhouette of your foe and his position and direction from where you were killed won’t be there.

On PC, you’ll find the Classic Mode preset on Battlelog’s server browser, and on console in the in-game server browser. Scroll down to the “Preset” menu and tick the “Classic” box to search for servers running the mode. Choose “Apply Filter”, find a server that suits you, and hit the Battlefield!
Setting up Classic Mode through Rent-A-Server

Those who want to host their own servers running Classic Mode can do so through our Rent-A-Server program. Apart from altering server settings like game modes and map rotation, you can choose to setup BF4 games running Classic Mode.

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