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Battlefield 4 Battlesteal Contest – Event

Battlefield 4 Battlesteal Contest – Whether it be dog tags, tanks, or flags there are many moments in Battlefield 4 where you get to steal stuff from your enemies and even your teammates.

As part of the ongoing Battlefest, DICE are challenging your inner kleptomaniac in the BF4 Battlesteal Contest.

Pulled off an amazing steal on the Battlefield? Pics or it didn’t happen!

With this Battlesteal theme in mind, capture a screenshot from Battlefield 4, send it to us, and we’ll select the best ones.

Submit your contribution by e-mailing an image file (3 MB maximum) to battlefieldsocial@ea.com, with Battlefield 4 Battlesteal Contest in the subject line and an acknowledgement in the email that you’ve read and accept the Official Contest rules it can be as simple as By entering this contest, I signify that I have read and accept the Battlefield 4 Battlesteal Contest Official Rules.

The winners will each receive a copy of Battlefield Hardline for the platform of his or her choice. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winning submissions. Good luck!

Terms and conditions apply. Read the full official contest rules.

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