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Battlefield 4 Banned In China

Battlefield 4 Banned? The Chinese government has officially banned BF4 stating that the company Electronic Arts have developed a game that not only threatens there national security of the country, but is also a form of cultural invasion.

Ministry of Culture:
Battlefield 4 is an illegal video game, with content that endangers national security. It is an aggressive attack on our culture. After the ban of Battlefield 4, we demand that all items related to the game — downloads, Raiders, patches and news — are to be deleted.
Electronic Arts declined to comment on the matter, but considering it doesn’t sell Battlefield 4 in China, the ruling might not come to matter too much.

“ZhanDi4,” the Chinese name for the game, is being censored on Chinese social media site Weibo.com, though some Chinese gamers are reportedly working around the ban using English titles and peer-to-peer downloads. Notably, EA does not sell a Chinese-localized version of Battlefield 4, so the existing copies were already either imported or pirated.

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