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Battlefield 4 Ask DICE – Level Design Questions and Answers

As part of the Player Appreciation Month we present another issue of “Ask DICE”, where you have the chance to submit questions to BF4 developers about their specific fields of expertise.

This time in Battlefield 4 Ask DICE, level designer Linnea Harrison wants your questions on level design in Battlefield 4. Linnea describes her role at DICE:

LINNEA HARRISON: “As level artist on Battlefield 4’s multiplayer, I’m responsible for working with a team of people to make the multiplayer levels come to life.

I work with artists and designers to ensure the levels are both gorgeous and fun to play. I have been in the industry for 6 years now and have worked on several action games, before landing my dream job at DICE working on Battlefield.

I’m looking forward to your questions about how we create levels in Battlefield!”

Just hit the link below and give us your questions in the forum thread. The answers will be published on the Battlefield Blog by the end of this week.

Submit your level design questions on the forum.

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