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Battlefield 4 Achievements On Origin

Well we all knew it was bound to happen at some point and many of you may say EA are following in Steam’s path but you can now unlock Battlefield 4 Achievements in your Origin client. Read on for full info’s.

Battlefield 4 players, now’s a great time to load up Origin and check out your profile. This week we’ve added Battlefield 4 to your list of Achievements collections. This joins other Origin titles such as Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3 that have specific accomplishments tracked in one easy to manage location.

Battlefield 4 players have been earning achievements in-game since its launch back in October 2013 – and now Origin will gather up all the big moments you’ve accomplished. This will make it easier to keep tabs on all the things you’ve been doing on the battlefield and, more importantly, make it so you can compare and contrast what your buddies have also been doing in the fight.

battlefield 4 origin achievements

If you don’t see your Battlefield 4 achievements appear, just launch the game — already earned achievements will be automatically pulled into your user profile. Achievements support will continue to grow along with Origin. It’s another feature of the Origin experience that will improve over the next year and beyond.

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