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In Battlefield 3 you can explore nine massive multiplayer maps and use loads of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets to help you turn up the heat. Plus, every second of battle puts you closer to unlocking tons of extras.

Battlefield 3 Spectator Mode Video

Apparently the Battlefield 3 spectator mode was already implemented in the Alpha version of Battlefield 3. The camera was able to turn upside down, just like in Battlefield 2, but i also think this is just glitch of some kind. Controls: Move – W,A,S,D Look – Mouse Shift – Boost speed Climb – Mouse2, Z Dive – *Couldn’t find any key* You can check out…

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Secrets of the Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial Featured

The Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial testing is underway, a select few players have been getting hands-on time with its new infantry and weapon mechanics. We’ve examined their extensive YouTube footage frame-by-frame and unearthed the key new features these lucky souls are playing with. You might be surprised at what we’ve found DICE has included some amazing new game mechanics that fundamentally change the way you’ll play…

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Secure A Battlefield 3 Alpha And Beta Spot

Electronic Arts has written a blog post to explain how gamers can get in on the current Battlefield 3 alpha and upcoming beta tests. It’s strictly invitation-only, and developer DICE won’t be distributing download codes on social networks. The modern-day military shooter is currently undergoing alpha testing, which is a “highly tech-focused test period” to run the game’s servers through their paces and “ensure the…

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Q&A – Battlefield 3 Alpha and Beta

zh1nt0: Hello folks! I´ve been getting many questions on twitter regarding the Alpha Trial and also the upcoming beta which was announced at E3 to be in September. It´s amazing that so many people want to share their experience and are so keen on playing Battlefield 3. Here are some questions and answers you might find useful. Q: How can I get into the Battlefield…

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