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This section covers all Battlefield 3 Videos, Image related posts and Audio related posts. Such as Battlefield 3 trailers / videos, renders and concept art, soundtracks, ringtones and more.

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp – Engineer Class

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp – Engineer Class: Taking Out Vehicles: On this week’s Battlefield Boot Camp Toby Connolly talks about taking out vehicles with his favorite class, the Engineer. The Engineer class offers a number of tools for disabling enemy vehicles and restoring allies. Find a load out that works for you, but don’t be afraid to alter things depending on the map…

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Battlefield 3 AH-6J Little Bird

I have noticed many Battlefield 3 players out there still avoid the Battlefield 3 AH-6J Little Bird like it has a rare and deadly disease. Used correctly the little bird can be very effective on the Battlefield so watch the video to see how i use it in combat! The Little Bird first appeared in Battlefield 2 as a part of the Armored…

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