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Battlefield 3 Images – Videos

You can find all the latest and coolest Battlefield 3 images and videos right here in article form, this category includes official, un-official, fan creations and some of our very own content.

You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel.

Battlefield 3 Revisited Interview

Matt Cuttle traveled to Stockholm to speak to Executive Producer Patrick Bach, GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson and Creative Director Lars Gustavsson about their time spent creating and refining the franchise whilst building Battlefield 3. They talk about the creative freedom they had to make Battlefield 3 the they wanted, the greatest technological challenges they faced along the way, and the fans that supported them. They also…

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Amazing Battlefield 3 Fan Art

Check out this set of awesome Battlefield 3 fan art work images. We are still unsure of who actually gets the credit for making these great Battlefield 3 fan art images? If you know who created this Battlefield 3 fan art please let us know we would love to give the credit to them! Check them out below there great. You can view a large…

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