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Battlefield 3 Images – Videos

You can find all the latest and coolest Battlefield 3 images and videos right here in article form, this category includes official, un-official, fan creations and some of our very own content.

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A Worthwhile Battlefield 3 Interview

SVT Play interviewed Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE’s general manager on Battlefield 3. The interview is one of the few interviews that actually has some interesting content, they interviewed people who played the Dreamhack demo. Through the interviews and hints, we’ve learned a couple things about Battlefield 3. Vaulting, as we’ve seen in a few trailers, was inspired by Mirror’s Edge. The game also inspired the…

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Battlefield 3 Dreamhack – DICE

DICE is present at this year’s Battlefield 3 Dreamhack LAN party the biggest LAN event in the world, held annually in Sweden. DICE’s Patrick Bach did a similar presentation of the Thunder Run singleplayer mission he did at E3, this time in front of an eager Swedish audience. Battlefield 3 will be playable by fans at Dreamhack, with the same multiplayer that was playable at…

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Battlefield Guitar Medley

First video of the new year! I hope you guys had a great new years! I wanted to do something special and this one was a request from a few months ago. An old friend who I used to play BF1942 with requested this. Battlefield 3 Guitar Medley – FamilyJules7X Well i gotta say i think this kid is awesome and plays this so well…

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Battlefield 3 Producer Video Interview

Battlefield 3 Producer Video Interview with DICE and producer Patrick Bach, whom we’ve seen a lot of these days, giving interviews left and right. In the video, Bach explains how Battlefield 3 isn’t just gunning for Call of Duty, but trying to take it to the next step. Bach makes an interesting point in DICE trying to look at their own vision rather than looking…

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