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Battlefield 3 Expansions

All the Battlefield 3 Expansions are listed here such as – Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Live Stream Recap

We have decided to upload the stream of Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus. This Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Live Stream Recap is for all the members of the community who may have missed this short event. This footage features Armored kill and information about all the other expansions coming for Battlefield 3. The event is streamed by EA.COM, featuring new info and assets from Armored Kill…

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Battlefield 3 Aftermath Details – Official

More information has not long been released about the Battlefield 3 expansions, this time it being Battlefield 3 Aftermath! Check out some of the art work in the image below along with some short details of what’s to come! 4 URBAN MAPS, FIGHT THROUGH DAMAGED TERRAIN, NEW GAME MODES & ASSIGNMENTS Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran Battlefield…

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Battlefield 3 Premium Armored Kill Trailer

Battlefield 3 Premium Armored Kill gameplay trailer taking vehicular mayhem to the next level as only Battlefield can, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill features 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tanks, ATV’s complete with over 20 vehicle specific unlocks. Action packed! Intense Action! See you on the Battlefield! Players will also have the ability to spawn in the all-new gunship and rain death from above.…

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