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Battlefield 3 Announcements

Battlefield 3 Announcements and News – Official and unofficial.

Battlefield 3 Free For Xbox One

Xbox One users you can now grab Battlefield 3 for free. Experience the ultimate heart-pounding action with Battlefield 3, winner of more than 60 gaming awards including the Gaming Critics Award for “Best Online Multiplayer.” Take on the chaos and destruction of the battlefield as bullets whiz by, as walls crumble around you and as explosions rock you to your core. Powered by the innovative…

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EA Fails To Stop Battlefield 3 Denial of Service

EA/DICE have now admitted they have failed to stop the on going “Denial of Service Attack”. After many attempts to fix this issue they finally released a statement saying they are working around the clock to mitigate the impact of an ongoing attack. The reason for this ongoing denial-of-service attack on the Battlefield 3 game infrastructure is still not known, but we will be sure…

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Battlefield 3 Game Activity Stream

Up until now most things you did in-game was automatically shared to your Battlefield 3 Battlelog Battle Feed, leaving you with little control of what you were actually proud of or wanted to share. With the Battlefield 3 Game Activity Stream we hope to give you one stop place to go for all of your and your friends in-game action. Detailing the brand new Game…

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