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Battlefield 3 Alpha – Beta

Official Battlefield 3 Alpha & Beta Information.

Warning Fake Battlefield 3 Beta Sites

We previously reported on a site that was trying to sell fake Battlefield 3 beta keys, well EA tried to take the site down with a DMCA claim that it was using artwork without authorization, but that didn’t hold up because the artwork is freely available and is used by other sites. Some of the Battlefield 3 beta community did some digging and found several…

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Battlefield 3 Alpha & Beta Info

Battlefield 3 will be getting an official multiplayer beta before the release of the game. So far access to the beta is limited only to owners of Medal of Honor Limited Edition, which was released in late 2010. It is widely expected that the Battlefield 3 alpha will be expanded to include more players as it progresses, and finally, an open beta is not out…

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