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Battlefield 3 Road To End Game – Air Superiority

Battlefield 3 Road To End Game: Take Part In Epic Dogfights – Air Superiority is for players who want to engage in epic dogfights. It was first introduced in Battlefield 1943, and has been widely asked for in the community ever since.

Now, we are happy to reintroduce it to old fans and newcomers to the Battlefield series alike. If you haven’t already viewed it, check out the End Game launch trailer below for a look at this new game mode.

We know that jets are some of the most loved vehicles in our games, and Air Superiority is a game mode that caters to hardcore and new pilots alike that want nothing more than to soar at high speeds and engage in massive dogfights.

All pilots in this 24 player affair spawn in mid-air, leading to quick action and eliminating any concerns over jets being bombarded before they have a chance to take off. In fact, even though a skilled pilot will have use of his full range of tricks in Air Superiority mode, it’s also possibly the best place for a newcomer to rack up large amounts of air XP and get their first unlocks going. There will simply be too many juicy targets available to miss!

The sky is full of targets in the new Air Superiority mode in Battlefield 3: End Game.

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As far as gameplay mechanics go, Air Superiority bears more than a resemblance to Battlefield’s classic Conquest mode, in that Air Superiority also sees teams fighting for majority control around a number of bases. But where Conquest naturally have land based capture points, the capture points in Air Superiority are blimps – three per map. As with Conquest, the team with the bigger presence around a majority of these capture points will cause the opposing team to bleed respawn tickets.

Air Superiority in End Game is a bit more tactical in nature than its namesake from Battlefield 1943. This time around, you have more capture points to fight over – and the team winning a round in End Game is normally the team with the best ability to keep capture point ownership, as opposed to the team with the most kills.

End Game will soon be out on all formats. When you’re ready to jump into the cockpit and take to the skies, make sure to bring these tips from Lead Designer Gustav Halling:

“On Nebandan Flats, a very skilled pilot can weave in and out between the many wind generators to shake followers and locked-on missiles. Also, when flying from point A to B, follow the terrain closely to stay “below radar” and avoid being locked-on by enemy missiles.”

Battlefield 3: Premium and will be available for separate purchase.

Full release schedule below:
PS3 Premium members: Out now
X360 and PC Premium members: March 12
PS3 players: March 19
X360 and PC players: March 26

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