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Below covers all the great features. Procon Frostbite works well when it comes to being a good server admin for your Battlefield 3 server. If you need a tutorial please follow the link at the end of this post.


Multiple Games
Battlefield 3
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam
Medal of Honor 2010
Multiple servers in the one window
Sub-admins with individual privileges assigned to them
Layer style network for daemon support
Player list showing players country, last spawned kit, averages, totals with multiple views
Chat panel to show players global, team and squad chat as well as admins connected via the layer
Battlemap to pan/zoom around an customizable overhead view of the battlefield. Shows player kill/death fuzzy locations. The battlemap includes a measurement tool to find out distances between points as well as the ability to setup zones with various effects when a player kills/dies within the specified area
Capture and report various events around procon so you know whats happening within procon and your bfbc2 server
Export/Import server settings or setup your server how you want and procon will generate the Startup.txt file required on your server
Developer console for issuing vanilla or punkbuster commands directly to the server
Logging support for console, chat and events with log files time stamped and split by day
In game commands with a dictionary matching arguments -> !ban phegoe will be matched to !ban Phogue

Plugins written and compiled at run time in C#. You can see how a plugin works and even edit them to do what you want!

Included plugins
In game admin

In game commands using procon account privileges to ban/kick/say etc, the usual stuff

Basic Mapzone Actions
This is a basic plugin to protect U.S, Russian, Attackers on the battlemap or setup zones to kill snipers for camping in certain locations. There are more complicated and customizable plugins made by the community to alter the battlemap zones effects.

BFBCS Statsphile In-Game API
Provides an in game interface to the bfbcs.com API so players on your server can pull global stats about other players in the server. Players can pull summary information or statistics on favourites, gadget, weapon, vehicle, insignia, kit, specialization or a pin.

Basic In-Game Info
Basic in game commands to provide help to players, guid, country etc.

Kill Streaks
Shows kill streaks at admin’s discretion (you customize which kill numbers to display and the message associated with it). Message will be displayed when player kills player with kill streak (e.g.: HeliMagnet ended Phogue’s kill streak!)

Mixed Gamemodes
Multiple gamemode support will cycle through an overridden maplist

Ping Kicker
Kicks players on their average latency over a period of time, allowing for players pings to spike for brief times but otherwise maintain a server slot if some one in their house briefly watches a youtube clip.

Displays messages at a set interval

Welcome Messages
Shows a brief message when a player joins your server

Google Translator API
Translates all text between players and server to a players countries official language, or their preferred language. A German, a Swede and an Englishman walk into a server, the German says Dies ist ein grosser nachricht. The swede sees Google Translator (GermanPlayerName): Detta ar ett stort budskap while the englishman sees Google Translator (GermanPlayerName): This is a great message”

Ploho League Controls
Basic ready up mode, BO3 support with both teams agreeing on a map, score display, basic in game weapon dump to display weapons used in a match and weapon/spawn/chat/everything layer side logging for league disputes.

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