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Battlefield 3 Map Tactic Application Tool

Map Tactic have been running now for some time with World of Tanks and have now joined in with the Battlefield community to provide you a free tactical strategy application tool for matches and scrims.

We have been working with the founder of Battlefield 3 MapTactic to try and pull together a public Battlefield 3 Map pack. We have completed all the default maps with all there modes included (rush, death match etc) and are still trying to complete the expansion packs which may take some time.

Below is some information from the founder of Map Tactic so please have a read and be sure to check out there website.


We created the Map Tactic (Map Tactic) application to support my team’s tactical planning and training effort (albeit for an different MMORPG).

It is a free-to-use (think web based ATC/GTactix type of tool) where you may either use canned map packs and icons or upload your own.

Only the briefing commander (the guy drawing up the strategy) need register with the service, all others can connect anonymously if they choose, There is no software to download, install, or configure. A briefing session may include any number of concurrent connections, create as many briefings as you want.

When a briefing is ready to go, the commander will cut-and-paste and send a private link. His team mates click on the link and are dropped into the briefing session.

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