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Battlefield 3 Game Activity Stream

Up until now most things you did in-game was automatically shared to your Battlefield 3 Battlelog Battle Feed, leaving you with little control of what you were actually proud of or wanted to share.

With the Battlefield 3 Game Activity Stream we hope to give you one stop place to go for all of your and your friends in-game action.

Detailing the brand new Game Activity stream and Origin friends merge in the latest Battlelog update.

Introducing Battlefield 3 Game Activity

How does sharing work?
When you want to share an activity from the Game Activity stream, just click the star icon and the event will appear in your Battle Feed. Easy as pie!

Battlefield 3 Game Activity Stream

And remember, to share is to… brag!

Origin friends list
In case you didn’t already notice, your Battlelog friends has now merged with your Origin friends creating one friend list which will just make all our lives easier. Friends on Battlelog now means friends on Origin and the other way around.

Origin friends list

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