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Battlefield 3 End Game Capture The Flag

Another quick video here for you girls and boys, this time on Battlefield 3 End Game Capture The Flag. I tried to put as much as i could in it and showed mostly everything but i will make more of each map later on at some point.

I was not too happy about this mode when i first started playing it, to me it just felt like a camper mode where teams could just sit back and wait for people to either run over there mines or C4 or just get totally raped by half there team when you try to cap the flag. Once i got into it a bit more and finally got myself a good team the action was great. Chases going off all over the map as well as scrimishes exploding all around me it was awesome!

The footage below contains footage from Dirt bikes, Tanks, Jeeps, Infantry and choppers so please sit back and enjoy!

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