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Battlefield 3 End Game Air Superiority

Battlefield 3 End Game was released today for Xbox 360 and PC Premium members, and with that it brings many new features, one being Air Superiority. I have made a quick play-through of this mode but please be advised i am no ACE in a jet!

I will start buy giving you some information, this is my first ever commentary style video ever in my life so please be gentle with me as you know i am a loud banging music montage kind of guy and have not spoken more then 10 words on a video in years, but thought i would try something new out and i will also get a better mic for the next one i do.

The map featured in this video is Sabalan Pipeline and the mode is Battlefield 3 End Game Air Superiority 12Vs12 Jets. As you can see in the video i was not really sure what the air balloons where for but soon figured they where the spawn points that can be capped by flying around them. Also let me tell you do not try clicking on the jets to spawn just click deploy the button and it will spawn you flying in the air.

This is only a quick overview really people as this was not for me at all but i thought i would get it out the way first. For all you ACE jet pilots out there i am sure you guys and girls will have many hours of fun with it enjoy!

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