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Battlefield 3 Dinosaur Locations – Wake Island

If you have downloaded the free Back to Karkand DLC for Battlefield 3 you may have spotted a Top Secret document at the cap zone of airfield on Wake Island, since first discovering this the SpotTheOzzie YouTube channel has now found all six dinosaur locations.

Let’s start by telling you exactly what the document says, it reads: Objective: Retrieve all Dinosaurs, Details: We lost 5 or 6 dinosaurs on the island, it is of the utmost importance that we retrieve all samples and return them safely to HQ! Additional Details: The General promised cake!

Initially there was some confusion as to whether there were really six dinosaurs hidden on the Wake Island map, however a tweet from someone over at EA DICE confirmed that there was, so SpotTheOzzie and some of his buddies decided to get to work and locate all six of them. Rather than write complicated instructions as to where to find each dinosaur we have embedded two videos at the bottom of this post, the top of the two shows you how to find the first five, whilst the bottom video shows you how to find the last one.

After watching the two videos carefully you will be able to find all the dinosaurs, but there is still some confusion surrounding this Easter egg and whether there is more to it other than just finding all six locations let’s not forget that the top secret document said The General promised cake!, what do you think this means? It also asked you to return them safely to the HQ how can this be done? Some people are hoping that this Easter egg will somehow lead to a Dino-survival mode that would be great, but we very much doubt it would ever happen.

As we hear more about this Easter egg we will keep you posted, have you spotted anything we have missed?

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