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Battlefield 3 Danger Zone Remix

In this Battlefield 3 Danger Zone Remix i thought i would answer a lot of questions for some people who have been asking me. Why do i play Battlefield 3? Well it is simple really it is the best fps out there so read on to find out why i love and play BF3!

After trying to explain many times to people who are yet to play Battlefield 3 they ask me, are there air vehicles, infy skirmishes and tank warfare?

The answer is always yes not to mention the huge maps and great looking graphics. For me the true love came after Battlefield Vietnam when Battlefield 2 arrived, and now Battlefield 3 has me just as hooked, just a shame they did not spend a little bit more time to add a battle recorder for the e-sports community! Which may i add they are promising in Battlefield 4 so fingers crossed.

After linking them many videos i have decided to put a little bit of everything (well as much as i could) into one small remix which should answer all there questions in one.

There are so many more aspects to this game then i could fit into this montage the only way you can find out is to play it for yourself!

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