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Battlefield 3 Console Commands

Here are some simple but useful tips and Battlefield 3 Console Commands to keep track of your game’s performance and also how to execute other commands in Battlefield 3. Some of the following commands will come in handy for video editing.

How to display your FPS and ingame ping in Battlefield 3 on PC!
Battlefield 3 render

First off, Battlefield 3 has a number of commands that can be entered into its console. To bring up the console, press the tilde key, which is just above the tab key.

Type in “render.drawfps 1” and press enter to display your framerate in the top right corner of the screen as shown below.

Battlefield 3 Console Commands

Type in “render.perfoverlayvisible 1” and press enter to view a graph with details on your CPU and GPU performance as shown at the top of this post. The higher the line, the longer the time to render. So, you want to see low lines here with minimal spikes. Long render times indicate a performance bottleneck.

As many have noticed, player pings are not displayed in the score display (tab key) in BF3. However, it’s possible to display your ping by pressing the following key combination: Ctrl + Alt + S. This will make the text box shown below appear in the top right corner of your screen. The “IGO Time” indicates your ping to the server.

Battlefield 3 Console Command

Take a screenshot in Battlefield 3 on PC

Battlefield 3 Console Command Screenshot

While Battlefield 3 doesn’t have a built-in screenshot button, there are a few options for taking ingame screenshots.

The first option is from the console. First, press the tilde ( ` ) key. Then, type the command Screenshot.Render and hit Enter to take the screenshot. The screen will flash white briefly to show a screenshot was taken.

You can take another screenshot a little more quickly if you’ve already entered the Screenshot.Render command once before exiting the game. To take another, press tilde, the Up key, then Enter. Screenshots taken using Screenshot.Render are saved in this folder: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Battlefield 3\Screenshots.

A second option is to take a screenshot in windowed mode. If you’re in full-screen mode, press Alt + Enter to go to windowed mode. Next, press the Print Screen button. Finally, you’ll need to open a program such as Paint and choose Ctrl + V or Edit -> Paste to insert the screen shot, then save the image.

There are also a number of 3rd party programs that will allow you to take a screenshot with a simple key press. FRAPS has a free version that will let you take a screenshot simply by pressing the F10 key.

Added console command “GameTime.MaxVariableFps” to limit max FPS
Added console command “UI.DrawEnable” to hide UI for screenshots / videos.

*** Remove In-Game Hud ***
to Disable the HUD
” UI.DrawEnable 0 “

to Enable the HUD
” UI.DrawEnable 1 “

This disables the vehicle HUD also.

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