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Battlefield 3 Aftermath Upcoming Patch

This week Battlefield 3 Aftermath launches on PS3 for Premium members, bringing with it 4 new maps, 3 new vehicles, the crossbow and new mode, DICE have also been busy working on some fixes, in a new patch available now on consoles, and no later than Dec 4th for PC

Scavenger. Taking place in a post-earthquake Tehran, the shattered streets and blasted buildings provide the perfect environment for surviving soldiers to leave their mark. In Scavenger mode, players begin armed only with a pistol and must search the surrounding environment for more powerful weapons, thus increasing their chances of survival. Not only that, but there are also new assignments, achievements and dog tags to be found amidst the rubble of this destructive urban combat. PC and 360 premium members can look forward to Aftermath’s release on Dec 4th.

Among the list of tweaks include improved audio stability and decreased input lag for PS3, weapons bug fixes, weapon balancing, an M-COM disarm fix, an Alborz Mountains rock fix, a Death Valley collision fix, and last but not least gunship balancing changes.

We also bring news of the BF3 community’s success in DICE‘s third monthly dog tag challenge. The Trolling dog tag is now unlocked as players worked together regardless of platform to reach their mission of capturing and/or defending 6.66 million bases in Armored Kill.

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