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From the massive Battlefield 1 battles across land, air and sea, to the powerful and efficient weaponry of the tanks, planes, machine guns and artillery!

Battlefield 1 is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, Origin on PC, and PlayStation 4. All of the Battlefield 1 expansions have now been released.

Battlefield 1 Single Player Trailer – Official

Get ready to discover classic Battlefield gameplay through an adventure-filled Battlefield 1 single player campaign. Battlefield 1 will be available from Oct 21st 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. “Suns and Stars” Composed by Cesc Vilà Performed by Really Slow Motion You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.…

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Battlefield 1 Maps – Release Maps Featured

The Battlefield 1 Maps listed in this thread are the maps that will be shipped out with the game on release day (Vanilla maps), we posted a thread a couple of weeks ago about DICE revealing 4 maps which where Amiens, The St. Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge and now you can view the full map list that will be releasing with Battlefield…

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Battlefield 1 Classes – Elite

As any Battlefield player will know it is essential that you pick the correct kit/class to help you survive the battle and assist your team in winning matches. Listed below are the Battlefield 1 Elite Classes with a short description of what that class is all about. Battlefield 1 Flame Trooper Elite Class Wrapped in fire-resistant gear, a gas mask, and carrying a powerful flamethrower,…

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