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From the massive Battlefield 1 battles across land, air and sea, to the powerful and efficient weaponry of the tanks, planes, machine guns and artillery!

Battlefield 1 is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, Origin on PC, and PlayStation 4. All of the Battlefield 1 expansions have now been released.

Battlefield 1 Specializations

Battlefield 1 Specializations have finally arrived and i am sure most of you are happy about this as it gives you a few special soldier loadout options such as flak, cover and quick regen. To change or add a specialization just go into your customize soldier screen and select what you want from there (see above image). Alex Sulman, Senior Gameplay Designer What are Specializations?…

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Battlefield 1 Brusilov Keep – Map Information

It seems that of lately DICE are enjoying sharing information about upcoming maps for Battlefield 1 or is this just another marketing scheme to push people to buy there expansion packs? Today we are sharing information about Battlefield 1 Brusilov Keep one of the six maps for the upcoming expansion In the Name of The Tsar. Battlefield 1 Brusilov Keep is a close quarter combat…

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