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Battlefield 1 Technical Information

This Battlefield 1 Technical Information section includes such things as Patch news, game updates, server updates, battlelog updates, console commands and server admin tools. There will be other related Battlefield 1 technical information posted here too.

Logitech Battlefield 1 Edition Products – Official

Logitech and DICE have joined forces to bring you some great Logitech Battlefield 1 Edition Products. These products were selected for their precision and responsive design to give you a competitive edge on the Battlefield. For a limited time, get an exclusive1 in-game weapon with the purchase of any qualifying Logitech Battlefield 1 Edition products. . Play brilliantly with RGB lighting powered by Logitech Gaming…

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Update For Battlelog Mobile App This Fall

EA/DICE have confirmed there will be a update for the well used Battlelog mobile app which will be coming around fall this year. This update will bring things such as, Improved Interface, Career, and customization sections. The text below has been taken from the Official Battlefield page. Dear Battlefield™ player, We wanted to give you a heads-up for an update to the Battlelog Mobile App…

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