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Battlefield 1 Classes – Maps

This blog section covers all things to do with Battlefield 1 Classes and maps. Be aware this section does not cover expansion maps only the default/vanilla maps and maps that DICE release.

Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Map

With the Battlefield 1 Spring update not long being shifted out DICE are already onto there next plan of action this time coming in the form of a summer update. This update will bring a new map named Prise de Tahure and will be released shortly for testing on the CTE (Community Test Environment). Set in the autumn after the…

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Battlefield 1 Classes – Elite

As any Battlefield player will know it is essential that you pick the correct kit/class to help you survive the battle and assist your team in winning matches. Listed below are the Battlefield 1 Elite Classes with a short description of what that class is all about. Battlefield 1 Flame Trooper Elite Class Wrapped in fire-resistant gear, a gas mask,…

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