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Battlefield 1 Announcements

This Battlefield news section is all about Official and unofficial Battlefield 1 announcements. This includes event news and release news including a lot more so keep your eyes on this section!

Battlefield 1 Line of Sight Custom Game

Are you ready for another Battlefield 1 custom game mode? If the answer is yes then you might want to check out Battlefield 1 Line of Sight which is now available in your custom games in the multiplayer menu. More official information on this Battlefield 1 custom game mode can be found below. Official Custom Games is a way to experience new flavors of Battlefield…

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Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Details

Be on the front-line and expand your Battlefield 1 with the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, including new multiplayer maps, armies and more in four upcoming digital expansion packs. Join the fight with the French army in the first expansion, Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass, in March 2017. Key Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Features: New frontline battles. Scout ahead with a two-week head start on…

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The Battlefield 1 Book – Hard Copy

You can now grab the Battlefield 1 Book hard copy created by Dark Horse Comics from there official website darkhorse.com. This book takes you through historical scenes and examines some World War I gear. The Art of Battlefield 1 HC YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A BATTLEFILED LIKE THIS. Dark Horse Books presents The Art of Battlefield 1, chronicling the production of EA DICE’s latest entry in…

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Battlefield 1 Battlefest Schedule

Battlefield 1 Battlefest is underway and the team at DICE have a fun filled and action packed schedule for all you task or assignment lovers out there. This event will start on November 16th and end on November 27th and each part is listed below. Wednesday, November 16 Battlefest Dog Tag: Login to Battlefield 1 between November 16 and November 27 and receive a special…

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