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Battlefield 1 Announcements

This Battlefield news section is all about Official and unofficial Battlefield 1 announcements. This includes event news and release news including a lot more so keep your eyes on this section!

Battlefield 1 Choice Awards

The latest DICE shooter Battlefield 1 has managed to grab itself some pretty good readers choice 2016 Awards. The awards are Best Multiplayer, Best us of PS4 PRO and best visuals, if you want more information please read on. Best Use of PS4 Pro – Platinum A decisive win from Battlefield 1, which impressively elevated its graphical presentation on the powerful PS4 Pro hardware. Titanfall…

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Battlefield 1 The Coming Months

Things have now calmed down a little and everything seems to be going back to normal after the Christmas holidays and again we are here to try and keep you informed on the latest Battlefield news. So i guess your now wondering what is next for Battlefield 1? Well i can tell you there is quite a lot coming your way with custom game modes,…

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