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Battlefield 1 Weapon Crate Update

As you all know there has been a Battlefield 1 Weapon Crate Update that brings nine new guns and two new melee weapons, not only that some new additional features have been added to the game!

Sorry in the delay in posting this up we had a few ghosts in our MySQL and wanted to clear it up first.

Gear up and join the fray! We’re dropping a weapons crate in Battlefield 1, filled with nine new guns and two lethal melee weapons*. Whether you’re new to the fight or an old veteran, all but two of these weapons are immediately available in your arsenal. The coveted Annihilator Trench and Sickle melee weapon will need their Weapon Assignments completed to earn the right to bring them into battle.

Brand new weapons are just one part of this update. We’re also bringing a new feature that will better communicate when a Scout is in the most optimal range while aiming down scope, along with more ranks, unlocks, and fixes to Battlefield 1. We hope you enjoy the update.

*Battlefield 1 Weapons Crate Update is a required update for all Battlefield 1 players.

Eleven new weapons are dropping in this update. Undoubtedly the prize of the pack is the Annihilator Trench.

The rest of the guns are new variants on weapons that previously only had one configuration. Here’s the full list of what’s included:

Annihilator Trench
Sjögren Inertial Slug
Ribeyrolles 1918 Optical
Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16 Experimental
M1917 Patrol Carbine
Type 38 Arisaka Patrol
Carcano M91 Patrol Carbine
Ross MkIII Infantry
M1917 Enfield Silenced
Welsh Blade melee weapon
Sickle melee weapon

Most Scout rifles have an optimal distance where they are the most effective in combat, causing 100% damage to their opponents, which is often referred to as the “sweet spot.” Battlefield 1 rifles have been operating under these rules since the launch of the game, each rifle’s sweet spot can be reviewed from a graph under “Customization” but it was never clearly communicated to the player in-game, until now.

We’ve improved how the game communicates when a Scout soldier is in the sweet spot for both the shooter and their opponents.

For the Scout soldier:
When active (default is off), scopes will contain depth of field in the target area.
Anything outside the shooter’s sweet spot will appear out of focus (i.e. blurry).
Anything inside the shooter’s sweet spot will be in focus (i.e. clear).
Holding breath will expand the focus range and allow shooter to see everything in their field of view more clearly.
Depth of field is applied to the following sniper packages: Marksman, Patrol, and Sniper.
The Gewehr M.95 Marksman and Carcano M91 Patrol Carbine will have depth of field applied even though they do not have a sweet spot.

For the Opponent:
Opponents inside a sniper’s sweet spot will see a rainbow lens flare.
Marksman and Patrol scopes now have scope glints. Considering that these scopes provide sufficient magnifying power for ranged engagements, adding glints provides Scout opponents a better chance to survive the encounter.
The Gewehr M.95 Marksman and Carcano M91 Patrol Carbine will use standard glint across all ranges due to their lack of a sweet spot.
Iron sights and lens sights will not have scope glints. Their magnifying power is low enough that players should be able to identify potential shooters without the assistance of glint.

Please note, the depth of field changes for scopes are off by default. We acknowledge that many Scout players have grown accustomed to the current settings, which will remain the default way of engagement.

But, for those of you who want better communication when aiming down scope, head over to the Video Options and select “Sniper Scope DOF” and toggle it on. This will give you all the scope depth of field benefits outlined above. The new glints, however, are always active.

Other improvements included in the release:

Fixed an occasional crash when players were equipping a pistol in one of the War Stories.
Improved framerate spikes when deploying in Passchendaele.

Reduced undergrowth flicker in River Somme and Caporetto.
Fixed an improperly configured forward tank spawn on Amiens in Conquest. There should now be two tanks consistently for both teams, one of which can utilize forward spawning.
Operation Devil’s Anvil maximum rating is now set to 18.
Operation Oil of Empires maximum rating is now set to 36.

For PC spectators, the mouse cursor will now hide automatically after being inactive for a small amount of time, if it is not over a clickable object. Moving the mouse will cause the cursor to reappear.
Improved weapon streaming so switching between players in 3rd person will no longer cause the spectated soldier to appear empty handed for the first few seconds.

Fixed an issue where Operations occasionally appeared locked to Premium Pass Owners.
Fixed an issue where the Airship L30 Behemoth would display incorrect faction insignia.
Fixed player name alignment on dog tags when playing with the Arabic language setting.
Added a heat and cooldown meter for the Flamethrower in the HUD.

Increased the damage of stationary AA guns in the single player War Stories, improving the chances for players to earn the “Airborne Cannons” codex entry.
Fixed an issue where Tank Hunter Attack Plane shells would detonate when hitting the pilot of a plane, causing the shell to do extra damage. Shells will now pass through the pilot if they hit another part of the plane first.
Aligned SMG 08/18 muzzle flashes for left/right recoil muzzles.
Lengthened the reload time of HE Cluster Bombs on the Ilya Muromets and distributed them more evenly in the payload.
Fixed an issue where the hatches of the C-Class Airship would sometimes fail to animate properly when a player rapidly switched positions in the vehicle.
Fixed an issue where vehicle drivers would occasionally say “Sorry” when requesting repairs. Such situations require no apologies.

Added new Weapon Assignments for the Annihilator Trench and Sickle melee weapon.
10 new Soldier ranks.
Added new Service Stars for the new weapons.
Fixed an issue where players could skip earning class rank dog tags when leveling up more than 1 rank at a time. Players who experienced this issue will receive their missing dog tags the next time they level up.

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