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Battlefield 1 – The War on Hackers

It doesn’t matter what game you play in this day and age where you won’t find a cheater or hacker. Hackers are something that have been in every Battlefield game from day one and will probably always be there.

Most hackers on Battlefield are eventually caught and banned by Punkbuster or Fairfight but do you think the punishment is enough of a deterrent?

As haters of hackers in game we are glad to hear that DICE are trying to combat it even more and have sanctioned over 8,500 accounts already. Below is some official information about this so check it out.

State of Play: Removing Cheaters
Over the past six months, we’ve steadily ramped up our anti-cheat efforts, working closely with the FairFight team to detect and remove more cheaters than ever before. In October alone, we sanctioned over 8,500 accounts. Since then, instances of cheating have declined. While we have made significant gains, we still can do more.

Improvements to FairFight In-game Messaging
Battlefield 1 veterans may remember the global messaging that was sent every time FairFight had acted against a player. As we ramped up our efforts against cheaters, these messages became a distraction from other in-game discussions, and they were disabled a few months ago based on your feedback. However, our communication about this created some questions. Going forward, our communication will be more clear, transparent, and proactive.

Soon, you’ll see a new form of FairFight messaging. This will condense the combined bans from the last 24 hours into a single in-game post, sent every few hours.

How and When a Player Gets Sanctioned
We saw a rise in the number of social media posts claiming FairFight had banned players incorrectly after the October ban wave mentioned above. However, we are confident that our detection methods produce accurate results. Cheat developers may be attempting to manipulate players’ minds about anti-cheat tools, and to leverage detection information from game developers.

A common misconception regarding FairFight is that higher skilled players are more likely to get sanctioned due to their improved match stats. This is not correct; it is not possible to be banned simply for being skilled.

An important note: unfortunately, we cannot respond to your account questions on social media or the forums. If you believe that your account has been sanctioned by mistake, the best thing you can do is to contact our disputes team: https://help.ea.com/help/account/information-about-banned-or-suspended-accounts.

Finally, if you want to report a cheater you can do so using this handy guide as a reference: https://forums.battlefield.com/discussion/91390/how-to-report-cheating-in-battlefield-1.

We are always developing new ways to detect players who prefer to circumvent the fair rules of the game, and we’re confident we will prevail. The Anti-Cheat teams here at DICE and EA are working hard every day to even out the playing field by removing cheaters from our games. We will not stop until the community is happy with the results.

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