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Battlefield 1 Soundtrack – Original

Some of the music created for Battlefield 1 is amazing and gives the game a true epic feel to it and the great thing about this is you can now get your hands on the Battlefield 1 Soundtrack created by Johan Söderqvist and backed by Patrik Andrén and EA Games on iTunes or Spotify.

This soundtrack contains 25 songs and is 1 hour – 8 minutes long.


1 Battlefield One
2 The War to End All Wars
3 Mud and Blood
4 Hunted
5 Prologue “We Push..”
6 Nothing Is Written
7 Avanti Savoia
8 The Ambush
9 Black Bess
10 Steel on Steel
11 The Swindle
12 Sinai Desert
13 Metal Frenzy
14 Battle Victorious
15 Battlefield Classic Theme / Mayhem View
16 The Flight of the Pigeon
17 Flight School
18 Something Big Is Coming
19 Friends in High Places
20 Knights of the Sky
21 Gallipoli
22 The Runner
23 Epilogue “We Will Fight..”
24 Dawn of a New Time
25 Libera Me

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/3lLWlwS4BC6S6e1RtNAInZ
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/battlefield-1/id1168803447?ls=1


Battlefield 1 Soundtrack in Vinyl Edition
You can now buy the Battlefield 1 Soundtrack in Vinyl Edition. The deluxe vinyl includes 17 amazing Battlefield 1 tracks, a 12” collectible poster, a clear PVC Battlefield jacket, and a download card with 8 bonus digital tracks. https://www.amazon.com/Battlefield-Original-Soundtrack-Vinyl-Download/dp/B01M8MR9BH/

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