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Battlefield 1 Senior Producer Answers Some Questions

Aleksander Grøndal Battlefield 1 Senior Producer Senior Producer at DICE and responsible for the creation of Battlefield 1 answers some questions. In this Q&A session we have listed just the answers to save you any confusion. All the information listed below is Official!

Server Browser confirmed.
Broken vehicle parts will effect it’s performance ( broken jet wing etc).
Tanks/vehicles can be controlled by one or multiple persons.
All attachments will be era authentic.
Confirmed that there will be no night IRNV or FLIR or NVG type gun scopes.
There will be a range of naval vessels for you to enjoy.
There will be a variety of all new and classic game modes.
You will be able to bring friends along in the air to support you!
We will have a cool new campaign that will feel much more like Battlefield.
Vehicles were much more unique and so the gameplay reflects that. So much more interesting!
Settings include the western front, but also unexpected places like Italian Alps and Arabian deserts -and more!
Different types of melee weapons will have its advantages and disadvantages. Use the one that fits you.

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