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Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Coming Soon

Well EA/DICE are at it again advertising for more money before the game has even arrived.. Yes we all knew it was coming at some point and it has already..

Battlefield 1 Premium like all other Premium predecessors will include four themed expansion packs plus other extras. The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes four upcoming themed, digital expansion packs starting with Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass in March 2017.

Bring the all-out war to new fronts with Battlefield™ 1 Premium Pass*

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes:
New elite classes.
16 new multiplayer maps.
20 new weapons to use.
New vehicles to operate.
Two-week early access to each expansion pack.
Play as new armies like France and the Russian Empire in an upcoming expansion pack.
New Operations and game modes for more ways to play.

Yet there is no price tag on this we are sure it will be popping up very soon!

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