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Battlefield 1 Operations – In The Name of The Tsar

I wanted to start by asking the conquest fans out there have you ever tried Battlefield 1 Operations game mode? I’m KinJO187 and anyone that knows me will tell you i love playing conquest mode on any Battlefield game but then i tried Operations mode..

Battlefield 1 Operations Mode is similar to conquest in having to capture or defend flags but it has a twist, each operation map is set out in segments and in order to keep pushing forward you must capture the flags in that segment before you can then proceed to the next one.

Sound strange? It’s not, this mode means nobody gets to camp for too long and keeps the fighting going at all times throughout the round. In the below video i wanted to share with you a little bit of the some chaotic footage i have taken, and as you will see the fight never stops in Operations.

Having now played Battlefield 1 Operations about a thousand times i must say i rate it over conquest and i urge you to get in there and try it out if you have not already, some of you may have tried it and not enjoyed it but some of you might not yet have tested the waters, it may feel weird at first but ride with it as you get some great intense action and battles.

Well i can keep going on all day about this mode but you can read this official info about Operations Mode here: http://battlefieldinformer.com/battlefield-1-operations-game-mode/

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