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Battlefield 1 Operations – In The Name of The Tsar

I wanted to start by asking the conquest fans out there have you ever tried Battlefield 1 Operations game mode? I’m KinJO187 and anyone that knows me will tell you i love playing conquest mode on any Battlefield game but then i tried Operations mode..

Operations you already know are stringed together to create an even vaster and more epic way of playing Battlefield 1. When an Operation Campaign is active, you can take on the Operations it consists of, and if you complete enough matches and score enough points you’ll be rewarded

I find BF1 Operations is just as addictive to me as Conquest mode is. If you get on the right map for this mode you will have hours of Battlefield pleasure. Check out the video below of some Battlefield 1 In The Name of The Tsar Operations game mode.

Track Credit:
TULE – Fearless [NCS Release]

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