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Battlefield 1 Multiplayer EA Play Live Stream

Want to win a trip to Los Angeles to join the live stream and be among the first to play Battlefield 1 Multiplayer?

Follow and tweet @Battlefield with a video explaining why you should be enlisted with #BattlefieldSweepstakes by June 3 for a chance to win.

The First-Ever Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Live stream at EA Play on June 12 at 2:00PM PT

Excited to see Battlefield 1 in action?

Tune in on June 12 at 02:00PM PT for Battlefield Squads, where 64-players will take part in the first-ever livestream of Battlefield 1 gameplay. Battlefield community members BATTLEFIELD FRIENDS – NOOB and StoneMountain64 will be serving as Team Captains, and their team rosters will include some of the most well-known YouTubers and Twitch streamers around, as well as a few special guests.

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