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Battlefield 1 Might Be Coming In 2016

As you all know rumors have been flying around the net about Battlefield 1. Well… there is finally some official news to share with you all that has been confirmed by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen
What we’ve said is that our intention over the next couple of years is to have a first-person shooter as one of the core titles. This year, obviously, it’s Star Wars Battlefront. Next year, it’s another Battlefield title.
The main questions i have to ask now is… will it be named Battlefield 5? I surely think so as they will want to release one of there main-stream shooters in that year and more then likely it will be around October 2016.

Another question i have is will DICE be making it or Visceral games? I hope it is DICE not that i have anything against Visceral it is just DICE in my opinion should stick to the community they created in the first place…

I am sure we will find out more over the coming months and when we do we will be sure to update you right away.

See you on the Battlefield Soldiers!

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