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Battlefield 1 Launch Livestream

Starting on October 12 and running right up through the launch on October 21, DICE will be hosting daily Battlefield 1 Launch Livestreams for two hours a day, from 1PM to 3PM PT.

What sort of thing will we be showing off? A whole lot. We’ll have every map on display, from Sinai Desert to Suez and Ballroom Blitz. Each mode will be played as well, including new entries Operations and War Pigeons. They’ll be played by members of the Battlefield community team, as well as a bunch of special guests.

You can see the full schedule and find out more details on the Battlefield Live page. So, what do you think, ready for the last leg on the Road to Battlefield 1? We sure are, and we can’t wait to show you everything we have to offer.

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