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Battlefield 1 Gallipoli Update – December

The massive Battlefield 1 Gallipoli Update for this December is now live and ready for download, in this months update it brings the all new expansion pack Turning Tides for the people out there who own Battlefield 1 Revolution or a premium pass. This Battlefield 1 Gallipoli (Turning Tides) update is a required download for all Battlefield 1 players to play online and remember the next two maps will arrive in January.

Battlefield 1 Gallipoli Update

As i said in the intro this is quite a big patch and not only does it bring the new Battlefield 1 Turning Tides expansion it brings a load of game updates, fixes and additions so please read the official information below.

*Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and Battlefield 1 Revolution owners will be able to access Battlefield 1 Turning Tides with a two-week early access. This has several benefits, including that players who don’t yet own the expansion will be able to watch Battlefield 1 Turning Tides matches through Spectator Mode and will be able to experience the new maps via Battlefield 1 Premium Trials or Battlefield 1 Premium Friends when they are active.

We have skipped the information about Battlefield 1 Turning Tides as we already have most of it posted here Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Full Information

Weapon Assignments will now display progress as a percentage
Addressed an issue where players would occasionally be awarded the incorrect points towards Medal progress when capturing a Supply Drop
Players can now make progress toward the Eyes On The Prize service assignment when completing kills, earned by Assist Counts As Kill, while prone behind a Sniper Shield
Players no longer receive a “Retreater Killed” score bonus for killing themselves, or teammates, when retreating in Operations

Added an option to disable the Lens Distortion post process effect in the Video options menu
Players can now choose between hiding, always showing, or making the network performance graph appear only when there are ongoing networking issues
Spectator Table Top View – Reformatted objective/player/free camera icons so they are pushed to the edge of the screen
Fixed an issue that displayed the “switch to secondary weapon” tooltip while swimming even if it was not available to be used while swimming
Fixed an issue where players would see a score discrepancy between End of Round screens and in-game scoreboards in Operations
Fixed an issue where score multipliers were displaying inaccurately in Operations’ End of Round screens

Changed Dynamite to work properly in water – covered in wax for waterproofing
Fixed an issue where the gas cloud VFX would not be visible to some players
Addressed an issue where vehicles would sometimes get stuck mid-air when traveling on a bridge while it was being destroyed
Fixed an issue where the gunners in the Y-Lighter Landing Craft were not seeing correct hit markers while aiming down sight
Spawning vehicles will now automatically remove nearby placed explosives such as AT Mines or Dynamite to avoid vehicle spawn camping
The MAS Torpedo Boat and Y-Lighter Landing Craft no longer trigger AA gun detonation
Captains of the MAS Torpedo Boat and Y-Lighter Landing Craft can now self-repair the craft
Addressed an issue where a transport vehicle would occasionally disappear while still in use
Improved the bayonet sprint penalty on the Model 1900 shotgun’s bayonet
Improved spread and recoil for the Model 1900 Shotgun
Fixed an issue where players would hear the bayonet charge sound-state after cancelling a bayonet charge
Removed ability to switch to empty K Bullets
Fixed an issue where players were able to fire their weapon during reload
Significantly increased the damage dealt to vehicles and behemoths by the 305/52 O Coastal Gun
Fortress and Coastal Turrets now use the same disable and repair logic as the field gun, AA, and coastal gun. This means that upon reaching 50% health, they become disabled, and repairing them in full will make them usable again
Fixed an issue where the reload UI for the 305/52 O Coastal Gun would not update the first time the player entered the vehicle
Incendiary projectiles now block aim assist for the duration of the fire.
The Scout class can place two projectiles of each trip wire gadget (gas, HE, incendiary)
Fixed an issue that delayed firing the Mosin-Nagant M91 after throwing a grenade.
Fixed an issue that would cause the scope to wobble, on the Mosin-Nagant M91, after rechambering, and realigned the iron sights
Improved the delay when switching to K Bullets with the Mosin-Nagant M91 Marksman

Fixed an issue causing the deploy screen to be drawn during Operation intro cinematics and forcing the user to quit out of the game

Made improvements to the snap-to-target-on-zoom aim assist system to make it more subtle.
Adjusted player movement to avoid “sprint to slide” exploitation
Fixed an issue where the soldier movement accelerations would not be corrected at different tickrates resulting in different accelerations at 30Hz, 60Hz and 120Hz.
Adjusted the soldier accelerations to maintain the movements responsiveness after the tickrates correction.
Fixed an issue where crawling SFX from prone soldiers would not trigger reliably in third person.
Fixed an issue where players would not hear “incoming” sound from various shell rounds.
Adjusted third person soldier movement SFX by making it quieter when crouching or prone.
Fixed an issue that caused swimming SFX to repeatedly play.
Added SFX for diving/jumping in water.
The effect radius of the Ammo Crate and Medical Crate have been raised from 3.5m to 7m. This means teammates do not have to stack extremely tightly to gain their benefits.
Cavalry health regeneration delay has been reduced to normal soldier values, reducing the need for players to constantly dismount to regenerate health with Health Pouches.
Adjusted Perimeter Alarm to allow Tripwire Bombs to Squad Spot enemies within 10m when detonated.
Fixed an issue where some Elite kits were regenerating health at default soldier rates and not the intended values.
The Flash Flare will now Suppress enemies that stand near it. This is intended to boost its ability to disrupt enemy combat effectiveness.
Fixed an issue where revived soldiers from the Stimulant Syringe specialization were not receiving the sprint boost.
Fixed an issue where stationary and airborne soldiers could potentially make footstep SFX.
Improved spawn point reservations when multiple players selected the same point simultaneously.
Now players can only spawn on Squad Leaders in the Back to Basics custom game mode.
Increased visibility of large water explosion at a distance.
Fixed an issue that caused players to hear underwater SFX and mix states, when not in the water.

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