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Battlefield 1 Eye to Eye – Custom Game

If you ever played any of the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters maps such as Donya Fortress, Ziba Tower, Operation 925 or my favorite Scrap Metal you will know they where pretty intense and full of action.

And now you can get this very same close quarters action in the all new Battlefield 1 Eye to Eye custom game mode for Assault class only.

New Custom Game: Battlefield 1 Eye to Eye
A fast-paced custom game mode

A new Custom Game catered for close-quarters enthusiasts is now available. Set on the Amiens map, “Eye to Eye” is a fast-paced custom game mode for the Assault class only.

In Eye to Eye you are only allowed to spawn as a shotgun-wielding Assault player, making this Custom Game all-out infantry. With no regenerative health and no means to revive, the strategy is simple kill or be killed!

Head to the Custom Games tab in the Battlefield 1 Multiplayer menu and give Eye to Eye a try.

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